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About the hotel

As one of the highest watertowers in the Netherlands, this massive construction of bricks and steel used to hold a massive amount of water up until 2013. The tower was built under the architecture of the city’s architect dr. Mulock Houwer himself.

The Watertoren West has only recently been transformed into a hotel, but still you can see and feel it’s former use in every corner and every room. Standing proud and tall above most of Groningen, this watertower is a true urban icon.

The tanks

Originally, the first water reservoir was installed at the top of the tower, containing up to 1000 m3 of water. Later, a reservoir was added underneath that stored another 782 m3 of water. These enormous bodies of water provided the city with a stable water pressure during the daily peak times. The characteristic elements of the former use are clearly recognizable throughout the tower. Some areas are less accessible as a result, or are marked by the history of the past century. We have tried to keep these elements and traces of the past intact as much as possible.


Groningen was the last Dutch province to be liberated in April 1945, when WWII came to an end. Many German soldiers were defeated in the rest of the Netherlands and moved to Groningen, but because Groningen was densely populated, no air raids were used to liberate the city. This resulted in fierce ground fighting between the last German soldiers and the Canadian liberators. The German soldiers had installed themselves in strategic places around the city center, and the Watertoren was ideally suited to survey the area due to its height and location. During these battles, a shelling from a Canadian 6-pounder gun damaged both water reservoirs so badly that an enormous mass of water spewed out. The German soldiers had to leave the Watertoren because of the rushing water, and were met outside by the Canadian liberators. The bullet holes at the entrance and in the toilet on the 7th floor remind us of these battles.

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Doctor C. Hofstede de Grootkade 48 9718 KC Groningen


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